This special includes:

  • Comprehensive exam
  • X-rays
  • Cleaning
  • Fluoride treatment

This is a great value for parents who want to ensure their child has good oral health. The exam allows the dentist to check for any potential problems, while X-rays help detect hidden issues. A thorough cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup, and fluoride treatment helps prevent cavities and strengthen tooth enamel. Overall, this special is a great way to ensure your child’s smile is in great shape.

During the visit, our pediatric dentists will also teach you and your child about proper diet habits and what the role of the parent is in your child’s hygiene routine. Your child will be the focal point of the visit, but this will also be an educational experience for the attending parent. If we believe that further dental treatment is necessary, those services will follow our regular pricing schedule.

Let us get your child off to a good start — schedule your child’s first visit in Austin, Texas, today!

This offer is valid for infants up to age 17. Austin Children’s Dentistry reserves the right to change or remove this offer at any time. Please call our team at 512-682-KIDS if you have any questions or want more details.