When parents are given suitable knowledge regarding proper diet and dental hygiene, it can prevent much of the decay in children under 3 years old. When a child has yet to visit the dentist and has passed the age of 3, the effects of an unfitting diet and poor tooth brushing habits can be detrimental. It is important that we prevent decay from happening to children.

Our pediatric dentists and team are offering free pediatric dental examinations in Austin, Hutto, Leander and Round Rock, Texas, for all children under the age of 3. The visit will consist of learning proper diet habits as well as the role of the parent in daily oral care for children. Your child will be the focal point of the visit but will also be an educational experience for the attending parent. You and your child will meet with a doctor who will complete an examination and make suggestions. At the end of the visit, a fluoride treatment will be applied using a fluoride varnish. If the doctor believes that further X-rays or dental treatment is necessary, these services will follow our regular pricing schedule.

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This offer is valid for your child’s first dental visit if it occurs before their third birthday. This offer will include a consultation, examination and fluoride treatment. Austin Children’s Dentistry reserves the right to change or remove this offer at any time. Please call us at 512-682-KIDS (5437) for more details.