Dental X-Rays for Children

There has been much discussion on the web and TV recently regarding taking routine dental x-rays, especially on children. It is important for a parent to feel secure about what procedures are done to their child. So, being good parents, we research ourselves the best we can, and then we usually trust the professionals with their recommendations.

Many very important medical and dental issues can be averted by early x-ray detection. Here is some of what our pediatric dentist’s say about dental x-rays on children.

“The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry has guidelines on taking radiographs and this is the gold standard by which we should follow. It basically states that radiographs should be taken only when there is an expectation that the diagnostic yield will affect patient care. It also stresses the importance of good radiological practices, such as the use of a lead apron, high-speed film and beam collimation, all of which we practice at Austin Children’s Dentistry. The dentist must weigh the benefits of obtaining radiographs against the patient’s risk of radiation exposure.” Dr. Diana Drvostep

Although radiographs should be limited, the benefits usually outweigh the risk involved. Making sure your pediatric dentist has a good understanding of your child’s health history is the most important aspect for good decision making when considering radiographs.

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